Week 10: Landscape – Death on a car

This week’s activity was to capture a landscape of yourself “dying” in your choice of environment. The place I chose to “die” was at a parking lot at the beach. So what happened was, I was laying on the car resting, and suddenly I passed out.



Week 10: Classmate Conversation – Rachel Peng

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Rachel Peng. Rachel and I went to Cypress High School together but I don’t really know much about her so this week I decided to interview her. Rachel is first year at Cal State Long Beach and is taking Art110 for a GE requirement. She stated the class is really easy and fun. Rachel is a commuter from Garden Grove, which is about 20 minutes from CSULB. As for school related, Rachel is chasing her dream of becoming a nurse and explained that the program is intense and difficult, but that’s not going to stop her from achieving her goal. In high school, Rachel was involved in the schools’s ASB and was very active in helping the school and student body. I had a great time talking to Rachel and she is a really cool person and you guys can check her out at:



Week 10: Artists Conversation – Yee Li, Marguerite Freed, and Sophia Dao.

This week I had the opportunity to observe the artworks of three talented artists – Yee Li, Marguerite Freed, and Sophia Dao. Their artworks were colorful paintings of a combination of patterns, shapes, and lines. They were vibrant in many ways and they represented anxiety expressed through a form of art. These pieces of artworks expresses feelings and emotions of people in different perspectives. The paintings has many colors and shapes mixed together and that might means a mixed feelings of a human being.

10754954_916224995054653_1882487076_n 10743707_916224981721321_1575488243_n

Week 9: Artist Conversation – Christine Hudson

This week I had the opportunity to look at the bizarre work of art by Christine Hudson. Christine is currently a student at Cal State Long Beach studying ceramic arts. This week, her work was the showing of the ceramic teeth filling the entire floor with black drapes. The teeth are white but the drapes are black so it shows contrast between the two objects. This work of art is called “Grief”. This work of art was made possible through an inspiration of a close friend. She lost this friend about 2 years ago and by doing this it shows a connection between Christine and her friend.


Week 9: Classmate Conversation – Ricky Amenero

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Amenero. Ricky is a first year at Cal State Long Beach and is currently Undeclared. But he is not worried because he’s still got two years and plenty of options to choose from. He chose to attend CSULB because it’s near home and very convenience when commuting. Ricky lives in Downey, which is very close to Long Beach, and attended Warren High School. During his four year of high school, he was involved in sports such as cross country and track. We both likes to go hiking for fun, but beside that Ricky also likes to mess around with his car (drifting). After our conversation, we walked around the galleries to look at arts. Be both liked the painting of the death. It was really nice meeting Ricky and he is really chill guy so you guys can check him out at:



Week 8: Activity – ePortfolio

Fot this week’s activity, we had to recreate our blog or make a new one that is more towards about ourself, not art 110. I have decided to keep my blog because I think it looks professional enough. My ePortfolio have a background picture for the header and a section for “about”. Also, in the header I put “California State University, Long Beach” to make it look professional. Also, I embedded my Instagram account on the right side as part of a widget.

header backabout

Week 8: Artist Conversation – Yu Ji

This week I had the opportunity to observe the art gallery of Yu Ji. Yu is a currently a student at Cal State Long Beach and last week she showcased a varieties of her oil painting artworks. She also painted many landscapes of the school itself and the city of Long Beach. Yu’s oil paintings were very vibrant and colorful. She depicted human figures at the beach in a peaceful environment. Oil painting is a new style for Yu. She is more comfortable with the style of hybrid and sketching. Yu was born in China, so she uses many cultural elements into her work. It is a combination of both western and easternย styles.

img_1990 img_1991

Week 8: Classmate Conversation – Alex Lo

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Alex Lo. I met Alex before class and we talked for s while before cruising through the art galleries. Alex is currently a 2nd year, majoring in Kinesiology and hoping to work at a medical office after he graduate from Cal State Long Beach. Alex is also a commuter, like me. He commutes to school everyday, except Fridays. During his free time, he likes going to the gym, working out, and camping with his friends. Alex is currently not involved in any school clubs but he is considering joining the rugby team next year. After talking for a while, we walked around to look at arts. We had different perspectives on many of the works, but ultimately its just how you look at it and your opinions. IMG_8874

You can check him out at:


Week 7: Activity – Painting

IMG_0048This week we were given the activity of spray painting our name on basically anything that is legal. I spray painted my name in blue on a canvas and outlined it in black. This was somewhat fun, even though I was expecting to do a painting with acrylics or water color. This isn’t really painting at all.