Week 6: Artist Conversation – Emily Babbette

This week I stepped into a gallery full of landscape paintings called “Lost and Found”. I first thought that the artist collected (found) these lost artworks from many different places and decided to compile them together to make art. But after reading the artist’s statement, I was no where near correct. It is called “Lost and Found” because the artist’s family is fragmented and spread globally from Canada to Australia. Every year, during the summer holidays, she would travel across the continents to reconnect and meet with her family and relatives. In doing so, she is exposed to many unfamiliar sights and locations. She is then depicted many of the landscapes around the globe into paintings. My two favorite artworks would be side-by-side landscape paintings of what appeared to be a tree in a deserted environment and the other is blossomed flowers in an open sea. I see these paintings as a contrast for each other.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038IMG_0036IMG_0040


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