Week 5: Classmate Conversation – Adriana Macias

I came to class a little late this week and I thought that everyone must have a partner already, but then I ran into Adriana Macias in the photograph gallery. Adriana is currently a freshman and she is undeclared as of right now. I was surprised to find out that Adriana attended Oxford Academy because I know a few people from there. Oxford is about 5 minutes away from Cypress High School, the school I went to. Adriana lives in Anaheim, so it’s about 30 mins from CSULB. Adriana and I both commutes to CSULB everyday, except Friday, because commuting sucks and we don’t want to go to school everyday. We were jokingly talking about how dead our social life is because we aren’t living on campus. Haha. But you know what, we are saving 10K per year. Adriana was very active during her high school career. She was in her school’s cross country and soccer team. Adriana, like myself, like being outdoor and going camping and hiking with friends. Overall, we had a very fun conversation and we had a few good laughs haha. Adriana was very nice and down to earth. We talked about random things and of course about art too. Anyway, it was nice meeting Adriana. IMG_0029

You can check out Adriana at:



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