Week 5: Activity – Counterfactual Identity


This week’s activity was very interesting and somewhat fun. I dressed up a little bit semi-formal than I usually would. I went to a community pool and sat down on the pool deck with my legs in the water. Everyone looked at me weird because who would dress up like this on a hot day. I feel very out of place because everyone has their bikinis and trunks on. Suddenly, a man came and sat down next to me and asked me “having a rough day at work?” So I responded with a “yes”. Then I asked him where he thinks I work at. Without hesitation, he replied with “an insurance company”. I laughed and asked him about my age. He then looked at me for one minute and said “25?” I laughed really hard this time and told him what I was doing and it was for a school activity. He smiled and said “Well, you looked like business man to me so..”. He stood up and left.


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