Week 4: Artist Conversation – Scott Burns

This week I had the opportunity to observe many incredible galleries and talented artists. But one of the galleries that caught my attention was the “Marilyn Werby Gallery.” The artworks in this gallery were called “Compulsively absurd, impulsively ridiculous.” Most of these pieces were sculptures of distorted humans. First glance at these pieces will give you a puzzled look on your face because they were very strange and bizarre looking “creatures.” But after staring at them for a while, you might have a different perspective. To me, these so called “creatures” looked very depressed and miserable. The artist might be portraying his previous life or people in the society. Also, some body parts were bigger than others, such as the feet, hands, fingers and neck. This could represent the small and big ego in everyone. IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0017


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