Week 2 : Classmate Conversation – Shannon Choi

This week Ryan and I decided to do a triple interview. Yeah that’s right, a three-person conversation. Alright. We saw Shannon wandering around a video artwork by Eric Andrew Carter so we stopped by to introduce ourselves and asked if we could interview her. Shannon is a freshman and is studying in communication. She was very nice and we had a smooth conversation, talking about arts and college. We all had different interpretations of the artworks, but that’s the beauty of art right? It’s what you think about it that counts. We later found out that the video artwork by Eric Andrew Carter is her favorite because she thought his methods were very interesting and creative. And the questions that were addressed were very personal and it gives an insight to a more personal appeal. After class, we checked out all the booths at the week of welcome. And we ended the day with that. 


This is Shannon’s blog: 




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