Week 2: Artist Conversation – Maureen Halligan

Once again, strolling around the GLAMFA gallery, another piece of art has caught my attention. This one is just a bunch of blue lines and squares. It is very simple, yet intricate. It is called “Grid Meet Grid” by Maureen Halligan. It is pretty much self-explanatory after taking a glance at the painting that the grids are pointing towards each other, but they did not touch. They are “meeting” each other. But after looking for a while and gave it a little thoughts, I had a different perspective on the piece. It might addressees a love relationship between two people. They are the same people falling in love but an outside force has cause them to not be together. Β For example, Romeo and Juliet. They can meet but can’t be touched.Β 

Or…this is just a simple painting of grids on a piece of canvas with no meaning and I am just trying too hard..



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