Week 1: Classmate Conversation – Ryan Wang

Alright, first of all, I just want to say that this class is huge with over 120 students but I found my buddy – his name is Ryan Wang. Ryan lives in Brea, California, which is about 30 minutes from CSULB. We are both first year students but we are studying in different major/field. Ryan is a Business major and I’m in Civil Engineering. Despite the differences, we also share a common interest – we like to play sport. During his free time, he likes to play basketball and video games. Ryan and I just talk about anything that comes up in our mind, from school to friends, just about anything. After the class, we walked around the campus and he showed me around the USU and library. We got tired of walking so we went to the library’s 5th floor to play games. Alright I’m going to talk about our perspectives on the GLAMFA art gallery now.

As we were cruising through the art gallery, there were many pieces that stood out to us because they were strange and bizarre. From the hairy rocks to the hairy woman, we didn’t know what to think, but just stood there laughing. But we understand that they is a deep meaning and message to every pieces of art as we were trying to figure out. One of Ryan’s favorites was the “German Whiners” and “Taking Off” by Mathew Usinowicz. He said there is a dark and innocent side to the painting.Β 


Overall, Ryan is a great guy and you can check him out at: http://binyangwang.wordpress.com


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