Week 15: Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville

This week I had the pleasure of observing the many intriguing artworks of Troy Rounseville. The gallery’s title is BODY BFA Sculpture Exhibition. This exhibition explores disjunction between our physical embodied experience and its translation through technological mediation. The project was structured around a series of questions that he has been exploring through his work. One of my favorites was the electronic piano keyboards playing by itself with many other instruments. This he might be portraying a different form of technology, transferring emotions through the use of instruments. The artist is expressing his feelings and personal experiences through these instruments.

IMG_0063 IMG_0064


Week 15: Classmate Conversation – Ryan Wang

Alright, first of all, I just want to say that this class is huge with over 120 students but I found my buddy – his name is Ryan Wang. Ryan lives in Brea, California, which is about 30 minutes from CSULB. We are both first year students but we are studying in different major/field. Ryan is a Business major and I’m in Civil Engineering. Despite the differences, we also share a common interest – we like to play sport. During his free time, he likes to play basketball and video games. Ryan and I just talk about anything that comes up in our mind, from school to friends, just about anything. After the class, we walked around the campus and he showed me around the USU and library. We got tired of walking so we went to the library’s 5th floor to play games. Alright I’m going to talk about our perspectives on the art gallery now. Ryan’s favorite gallery was titled “BODY” by Troy Rounseville. Ryan really admired his works especially the mirror “elevator”. Overall, Ryan was really chill and you can guys can check him out at:



Week 13: Classmate Conversation – Richard Chavez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Richard Chavez. Richard is currently as freshman at Cal State Long Beach. Richard went to Downey High School, which is very close to CSULB so he commutes to school everyday. He chose to attend CSULB because it is very close to home and a lot of his high school friends attend here also. Richard and I are both in the engineering field, but we both started as wanting to major in Architecture. But unfortunately, we don’t have the architecture program here at CSULB. Richard is chasing his dream of becoming an engineer and reconstruct the world. Richard is currently a mechanical engineering major but he is considering of switching to civil because it involves buildings and structural. Besides from talking about our classes and majors, I asked Richard about his hobbies. During his free time, he likes to play acoustic guitar, basketball, and soccer. After talking, we cruised around the galleries to look at art. After all, it was great getting to talk to Richard and hopefully we have some classes together next spring. You guys can check Richard out at:



Week 13: Artist Conversation – Sarah Walsh

This week I had the opportunity to observe the artwork of Sarah Walsh. Sarah painted a landscape on canvas. The title of this piece of work is called “Untitled Landscape II”. In my point view after looking at this piece is an abandoned village with two dead trees in the front. This might depict the calm after the storm. The colors that were used in this painting are very dark and gloomy. If you look closely, one of the trees is white and the other one is black. The black might represent the past history of the village and the white means that it is in the process of restoring.


Week 12: Teach One – Canvas Painting

This week’s activity is to teach another person about something that you love to do that is art related. I decided do to a painting on canvas using acrylic. And the style that I’m doing is Impressionism from the 19th century influenced by Claude Monet. This is landscape painting of a park that showcases the beauty of nature. The pictures are below, showing every details of the painting so one can learn.


Acrylic (Liquitex or Artist’s Loft) – yellow, red, blue, white, black, and brown.

Canvas – 16′ x 20′




Week 12: Classmate Conversation – Justin Toguchi

This week I had a pleasure of getting to talk to Justin Toguchi. Justin is currently a junior at CSULB and is majoring in Environmental Science. He is taking Art110 to fulfill his GE requirement and stated that the class is easy and fun at the same time. It is a class where you don’t have to worry much and just have fun with all the activities. Justin lives in Huntington Beach, which is about 15 minutes from Long Beach, and he commutes to school every day. In his free time, Justin likes to play basketball and go hiking. He is huge NBA fan. Unlike Justin, I’d rather play the sport itself then watch people bounce the ball back and forth on television. Overall, Justin is a cool and it was nice meeting him.


Week 12: Artist Conversation – Timothy Cooper

This week I had the pleasure of observing the artwork of Timothy Cooper. In this particular gallery, there is a display of 145 handmade white plates. The plates were displayed in the middle of the room in a plus (+) shape. I find this artwork very important and meaningful because the artist probably spent a lot of time to make all these plates and I believe that behind every plate, there is a story. And all these stories are connecting to each other, describing and showcasing the life of Timothy Cooper.

1 2

Week 11: Artist Conversation – Michael Rollins

This week I had the opportunity to observe the art of Michael Rollins. The title of this piece is ‘False Beam’ and it is a oil on canvas, in a size of 12″ x 12″. In my opinion, this piece of art portrays spaceships and aliens  from outer space. If you take a look at the painting, you will see many pink beams coming out of blobs, which I think are aliens. And the green and blue background represents an outer space. All of these are just coming from my imagination, I could be 100% wrong, but that’s the beauty of art right? It keeps you guessing and predicting. Beside from guessing what the painting is about, the colors are very vibrant.


Week 11: Classmate Conversation – Angelica Camacho

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Angelica Camacho. Angelica is currently a second year at Cal State Long Beach. As of for her major right now, she is undeclared but is planning on studying in the field of International Studies. She wanted to declare in this particular major because she likes to travel around the world to have the opportunity to learn about other country’s culture and religions. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the classic musics of the Beatles. After talking to her for a while I found out she also likes swimming for fun, which I do sometime for fun too. After talking to Angelica for a while, we walked around to observe the many wonderful artworks in many art forms. Overall, it was great talking to Angelica and you guys should check her out at: